Group Training Weekly

Group Training Weekly

Morning or Afternoon Sessions

Training starts with a half hour warm up + group stretching.
Tyre jumping and skipping to start getting the blood pumping.
For the keen fighters or early rises a morning run along side the trainers kicks off at 7:30am.
Group training has been designed to suit everyone’s needs. From kids to experienced fighters and all those in between.
The helpful Thai trainers are along side you all the way. Teaching you how to throw your first punch or fine tune your technique.
With all our trainers speaking English, they are able to give their time to beginners, running through the basics of Muay Thai.
With a good amount of trainers per group training you really feel a sense of quality time from the trainers.
After a warm up of tyre jumping, skipping rope and shadow boxing… We hit the bags for a couple of rounds.
Pad work is always done by our trainers, pushing out 3-4 minute rounds. Our experienced trainers push you to your level of experience. So when you’re not doing pad work one on one with a trainer, you will be hitting the bags!
Training goes for about 2 hours.
Be prepared to do push ups, planks, sit-ups, burpees and all the fun stuff just to push your fitness just that little bit further!
Finishing up the class with group stretching.

On occasion, spending our last 5 minutes grounding ourselves with a group meditation.


Train & Stay Options

When you live at the gym you are exposed to a lifestyle that gives you an understanding into the Muay Thai way of life. This abroad experience has you living side by side your trainers, really feeling part of the family which in it’s self is a unique experience in its own right.
From the moment you enter the Kobra Stadium, you really do feel like part of family. You can book a room for a night or two, week by week or months at a time.
Keeping peek seasons in mind, always try to book ahead.
Students of any level of experience are welcome to stay with the Kobra Family.
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